Strictly Skin Care

by Yolanda & Gitangelique


Sedona AZ


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"Yolanda and Gitangelique, kudos; my skin is still wonderful. I arrived at the salon with skin like an alligator and feeling the same. Soft music, relaxing aromas, Yolanda's magical fingers, enriching and nourishing products and an hour and a half later, I was singing with life. A venture to Sedona is not complete without indulging your spirit and feeding your soul to such pampering. What a treasure! Thanks again." - Suzan Greer"

"Yolanda Sani has been my aesthetician for the past several years. My dermatologist recommended that I get monthly facials due to my history of skin cancer. Since getting facials, I have not had any cancers. Living in this arid climate you can only benefit from monthly treatments" - Lois Pepino

"Gitangelique, thank you so much for my facial. My face feels great!" - Jennifer Lux

"I have been a customer of Yolanda's for more than ten years.  Yolanda and Gitangelique, Yolanda's beautiful daughter both share excellence and expertise in initiating a professional, healthy skin care, manifesting in their facial.  The created atmosphere, using only the very best products that are available, leads the client to a result of the most elegant and healthy result in face care.  Yolanda, in her will of being the best, has educated and guided her daughter, Gitangelique, for the past five years, to go to the best schools and in sharing the same interest, a prodigy, in beauty, grace, expertise and an understanding how to give the finest nourishing facials.  I highly recommend a facial from both Yolanda and Gitangelique when visiting Sedona, or as a resident, to take advantage of this beauty advantage in this town." - Patricia Sperling

"I went to Gitangelique for a Botinol treatment and found the experience to be fun and pleasant.  The treatment took an hour and a half and each step (8 steps!) was filled with wonderful aromas and textures.  I was treated to wonderful neck, arm, hand, leg and foot massages!  The products used were of very high quality and made from natural plant extracts." - Habib Hababe


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